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You don't need a teacher to check even extended responses. Maria, student
…I think it’s cool to work with real world problems and see how we can use these things in real life. Sheridan, student
I like that you go through the problem step by step. Natalie, student

Interactive Problems

Interactive problems tutorial

A New Kind of Textbook

Our textbooks have evolved into feature-rich content containers with that familiar page feel that you're used to. Embedded problems, videos, images, and more create an interactive atmosphere.

Turn passive learning into active learning where questions, examples, and supporting content can live in harmony.

Personalized courses

Educators can build books with a few simple clicks. Create a book, drag-n-drop widgets onto the page, fill in your content, and publish. Publishing material is a rewarding experience in its own right. Additionally, you can track your book's progress and earn points from every download.

Immersive Problem App

Learners want problems that are approachable. The problem app uses a unique line-by-line workspace widget for showing work while problem solving.

It creates an atmosphere for learning by trying, not just penalizing mistakes but providing immediate feedback to fix them.