Inteo for Schools

Distinguish Your School

inteo complements your faculty with an e-learning experience designed to help each student maximize his or her potential in the classroom—and in life. inteo makes it easier to challenge students, whether improving skills to reinforce proficiency or accelerating course pace to deepen knowledge. Based on best practices in design, deployment and cognitive research, this holistically adaptive platform automatically adjusts to how each student learns to optimize the educational experience for instructors and students.

Supports standardized testing: Skill-centric problems support preparation for Common Core testing. As students perform their work on inteo’s workspace, they build familiarity that increases confidence with computerized standardized testing.

  • Progressive Technology
    Set your school apart by providing innovative technology that enhances the learning experience.
  • Align Expectations
    The transparency of the inteo platform helps faculty, students and parents clearly understand expectations and track progress.
  • Flexible Application
    inteo can be used for at-home practice or as a supplement to in-class learning, providing an interactive experience far superior to a workbook.
Since the formation of the after-school inteo club, student enthusiasm and engagement in learning have been evident. We have seen the club grow from three students to twenty. The software was so effective that we have even introduced it into the classroom and now hosts over eighty students. Each one seems to be enjoying the software. The real life application and workspace really seemed to strike a chord with the students. Rob Kramer, Principal, Madeira Middle School