Inteo for Students

Make Learning Math More Fun

inteo gives you the ability to develop your skills in Algebra at your own pace. The workspace helps you apply math concepts step by step, with feedback all along the way. Helpful tools, interesting challenges and practical application make lessons easy to understand and apply to your life. Any time you need help, simply use the dashboard to send a question or message directly to your instructor.

  • Builds Confidence
    inteo offers engaging lessons and adjusts to your learning style to create a fun, positive experience with math.
  • Reinforces Correct Procedures
    Work is done step by step so you learn the right way to apply math concepts.
  • Motivates
    inteo goes beyond badges to offer interesting challenges and practical rewards that encourage you while you improve your math skills.
I really like the independence and variability of this software. David, student
I like how it checks the individual steps. Rusty, student
I like how it gives you more than one question about one problem so you really understand the problem. Heather, student