Inteo for Educators

Customize E-Learning to Each Student

The inteo platform frees you from the test-assign-grade-repeat paradigm with a powerful e-learning tool that enhances retention by adjusting to each student’s learning style and strengths. inteo re-sets the pace as needed to keep students from feeling overwhelmed or under-challenged. When the platform recognizes student proficiency with a concept, helpful tools—based on those concepts—are made available to students to accelerate learning.

Easy to administer. The dashboard makes it simple to communicate with students, push out assignments, and view progress. You can choose inteo’s preloaded assignments or use the convenient authoring tools to tailor or add content.

  • Freedom to Teach
    inteo gives you more time for creative coursework without worrying about performing assessments, doing remediation or curating content.
  • Crystal-Clear Assessment
    The dashboard makes it easy to track student achievement and pinpoint skills deficiencies with improved insight into student proficiency.
  • Classroom Flexibility
    Explore the benefits of blended learning, flipped classrooms and distance learning, all while meeting relevant requirements.
The solution workspace of inteo is ideal for our students to gain a better understanding in the basic concepts of algebra. The application’s feature rich analysis of a solution allows students to have a chance to better see where an error was made and to have the ability to return and make corrections. To my knowledge no online resource exists with this ability. Jim Hertenstein, Eighth Grade Math Teacher, Madeira Middle School